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Terms And Conditions
Refund Policy
We will cheerfully allow you to obtain a store credit within 10 days of purchase and presentation of your original receipt. We do not give cash or charge refunds.

We accept checks for the amount of purchase. Please present your picture ID. All returned checks are subject to a $25 returned check fee.

Charge Cards
We accept all major credit and debit cards. American Express & Discover purchases must be over $5.00.

Programs and Services
Loyalty Club Whenever you spend a cumulative $50 (before sales tax) you will receive a $5 credit automatically on your next purchase. Announcements of forthcoming books and events. Quarterly newsletter Extra discounts on featured items. No need to keep up with one of those pesky membership cards. AND, ITS FREE!!

Educators Discount Certified teachers, principals and librarians receive a 25% discount on all books except Bestsellers, New Books and books marked down.

Book Buying
We pay cash for current edition college textbooks and special collections. All other books are purchased by Trade Credit. This price is based upon desirability, market value, in-print price, condition, and our current stock levels.

We prefer the following types and categories of books but this changes from time to time: Academically related titles Art Architecture Classics Philosophy Reference Very recent bestsellers Current edition textbooks Georgia history and other southern history books of interest Generally, our pricing is as follows: Hardback non-fiction $1 to $5 Paperback non-fiction 50 cents to $3 Fiction 50 cents to $2 Mass market paperbacks 25 cents each
We do not buy the following: Family bibles Outdated textbooks Old encyclopedia sets Adult series westerns Adult series romances Many book club editions Older computer and travel books Magazines Original software users manuals

Please note: We do not buyback books after 6:00 PM Mon-Sat. and no books on Sunday.

We have been chosen as Best Bookstore in Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine.

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